The Nature of Digital Advertising: Smartphones and other Mobile Devices

Mobile Advertising is an integral part of digital advertising and more than 63% of smartphone owners use their phones at least once every 30 mins. Consumers are also receptive to mobile ads on the web 45% as well as on mobile apps 84% (Larkin 2017). Consumers respond best to relevant and personalized mobile ads, which are a geo-targeted to their location at a whopping 315% as compared to national display ads (Balihoo 2017). In 2015, Whole Foods partnered with the location-based marketing firm Thinknear to improve their post-click conversion rate for mobile ads. They accomplished a 4.69% post click conversion rate (three times the national average) by creating a geo-fence near their competitors’ stores and luring consumers with better deals offered at Whole Foods (GIRISH 2016).

However, not all brands know their way around mobile advertising, and more often than not tend to annoy consumers with pop ups, interstitials, adhesion banners and instream ads (Farley 2016). One truly irritating UX was that of the CNN mobile web landing page that blocked the user with an interstitial overlay of ten seconds, offering sponsored services and products that not only disrupted the consumer of reading urgent news but also forced the user to process irrelevant content for a fixed amount of time (Davis 2016). These forms of Mobile Advertising cause a negative feedback among consumers and affect brand image.


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Completed my Master's Degree in Advertising Strategy and Planning with Falmouth University, achieved High Merit for my Final Presentation for the topic of 'The Future of Advertising' A graduate from St Joseph's College of Arts and Science in Bangalore, India with a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication. My key focus in advertising is strategy and planning. Founder of Be Patient Stammering Awareness, an project that is close to my heart. A certified pianist and vocalist under Trinity College London. I'm always eager to learn new things and willing to contribute to the table.

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